Loft Boarding in Nuneaton

The loft hatch was too small to get anything through and up into the attic to store.

The loft just had bare ceiling joists with insulation over the top so there wasn’t anywhere to store anything or walk around safely. The customer always struggled when going up there to find anything in the dark!


We installed a new, larger loft hatch with a built in ladder for easy access. Part of putting the loft boarding down is to make the loft floor slightly higher (overjoisted) which allows for the correct amount of  insulation above the rooms below. We then covered the loft floorspace in floorboard to allow for easy access to more storage space. Finally we added some lighting to make the space completely usable.

Benefits of boarding a loft

  1. Safer loft storage

    Items shouldn’t be stored directly on plasterboard! When storing your belongings in the loft they shouldn’t be placed directly on top of the plasterboard.Plasterboard is not rated for holding any weight and you run the risk of cracking the ceiling, or in the worst case, something falls through the ceiling!

  2. Safer when walking around

    Avoid doing the loft dance and standing on the joists! It’s always a nightmare to get anything out of the loft. Take away the hassle and make it much safer for you (and people below!)

  3. Adds more safe, usable storage space

    By boarding your loft you can transform the entire floorspace of your loft into usable storage space, making it much more convenient every time you need to store something.

Customer Review

Leigh boarded my attic and arranged the lighting in there. He did a fantastic job. Very professional, punctual and clean. Would definitely recommend and wouldn't think twice to contact him again.

Sophie Morris LJ Cannon - Builder & Brickwork Specialist February 1, 2020